Google will lay off 12 thousand employees!

The biggest name of the internet, Google, was also caught in the mass dismissal frenzy. The reality that rapidly growing technology companies have faced in recent weeks has also happened to Google.

Huge earthquakes in technology companies will occur throughout the year 2022. to mass layoffs had caused. The year 2023 started at the same pace as companies laid off tens of thousands of employees to get rid of the ‘bloat’ brought on by the rapid recruitment they made over the past year.

Finally, today, the expected news from Google came. The giant name of the internet, in the announcement he shared today It will lay off 12,000 employees. explained. This number accounts for 6% of total Google employees.

The Google CEO took responsibility for what led to this decision:

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in a message to his employees, announced that he takes responsibility for all the decisions that brought the company to this point. The biggest reason for the layoffs was the hiring trend that came with rapid growth for Google.

“We’ve seen periods of dramatic growth in the last two years. As we face today to capture and nurture this growth with a different economic reality We have recruited.”

Google’s employees to be laid off 6 months of health, new job placement and immigration support announced that it will present It was also stated that it will be supported with local applications for its employees outside the USA.

Employees to be fired, 2022 bonuses and pay for the remaining holidays will receive payment during the notice period (at least 60 days), and 16 weeks salary for each working year two weeks extra they will receive.

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