Google Shared User Data with Hong Kong Government

It has been reported that the US technology company Google, which said last year that it will stop responding to requests such as user data being requested by countries, shared the data of some of its users in line with the demands of the Hong Kong government.

Although Google has stated that it will not process such data requests from the authorities, it shared some user data with the Hong Kong government. “a credible threat to life” He said it was countered because it contained it, but that all requests had to be submitted through diplomatic procedures.

According to the news published by the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), Google transferred some user data to the Hong Kong government in 2020, despite promising not to provide feedback on data requests from authorities. The company received from the Hong Kong government. 3 out of 43 requests in response “it produces some data” told. Two of the government’s demands are for a human trafficking investigation and the other for a threat that is part of a threat to someone’s life, Google told HKFP. emergency it was a revelation. Google added that none of the data provided includes users’ content information, and that government response to user information requests is processed according to the company’s global policy.

Hundreds of data were shared before:

In the year before the security law, companies had met hundreds of data requests from the Hong Kong government, HKFP reported in May. Other US tech firms such as Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft have filed requests for user data from the Hong Kong government as they reviewed the new law. they stopped processing told.

Google provided user data to the Hong Kong government in response to three requests made between July and December 2020, complying with national security law. after its entry into force It was the first company to respond to user data requests from local authorities.

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