Google Penalized $32.5 Million

It looks like Google will have to get used to running from court to court for the same reason and with the same competitor. The company has been sued ‘again’ by Sonos for patent infringement.

He has done some very admirable work recently. Googlecame to the fore with its surprising and pleasing developments in both artificial intelligence and playgrounds. Unfortunately, this time too patent controversy with a punishment he received for his reason.

The name opposite is the one we know with its sound systems. Sonos. The two had previously faced each other in the courtroom due to a patent dispute in 2020, and Google violated Sonos’ 2 patents as a result of this court. 50 million dollars had been sentenced. The current penalty is too high.

There are two issues in the case, one of which reaches a penalty.

One of them involves connecting the speakers together and giving the sound at the same time. Google’s Chromecast Audio And Google Home services infringes this patent. On this first charge, the jury upheld Sonos.

The other patent covers the ability to control the speakers via a phone or tablet. But Sonos’ indictment for this patent infringement was decided by the jury. not accepted. As a result, Google $32.5 million was punished.


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Stating that Google has infringed more than 200 patents so far, Sonos said that punishment is not enough also stated. He said that the company had to pay additional royalties because of other inventions he incorporated.

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