Google News’ Design Has Been Changed Completely

Google’s News service, which gathers all news in one place, has a new design as of today. The new design aims to further improve the user experience.

Google’s News service is going through a significant change in the classic design that it has persistently maintained until today. Presenting the Top Stories, For You, Following and news categories on the desktop version today, on the left of the main page, News brings all these to the top of the page.

News, which will begin to serve closer to the general design lines of digital news platforms, will also have another important change. The ‘Local News’ section, which is normally on the left menu, is on the right of the main page, with the most read and trending news. will be offered at the same time.

The new design of Google News:

Along with the new design, there is also the weather forecast, which takes up a large space on the right of the home page in Google News. in a smaller way will be moved to the top of the page. Along with Local News to the right of Top Stories, the ‘For You’ list will also appear on the right of the page.

In the new design of Google News, the top menu will include categories such as Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports and Science. These categories in the menu can be customized by users. The news from the sources you follow in News will be displayed in the ‘Following’ tab in the top menu.

The ‘Fact Check’ page, which shows the accuracy of the news, will also be renewed. The page will now show the original claims in more detail. Thus, it will be easier to distinguish fake news from true information.

new change, in the coming days will be activated for all users.


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