Google Files Got An Update That Removes Junk Files

The feature that came to Google’s mobile file navigation application Files came to the rescue of those who are lazy to clean their data on their smartphones. Thanks to the feature, all the backed up media is automatically deleted after staying on the device for a certain period of time.

One of the most annoying responsibilities when using a smartphone is to keep the phone clean. Although we said keeping it clean, of course we are not talking about soaping the door of the phone. What we are talking about is constantly having to clean up unnecessary photos, documents and accumulated app data.

There are many applications to solve this problem. But Google’s new trick removes the need for these apps. file scanning application to Files Adding a smart cleaning option, Google allows users to clean their phones with one click without the need for an additional application.

Once you turn the setting on, the thought of cleaning disappears:

The new update to Google Files ‘Smart Storage’ brought a practical feature called Thanks to this feature, users can now delete large media files and accumulated junk files with one click. While doing this, it is not necessary to enter an additional ‘cleaner’ application. You can easily get the job done by entering the cleaning section of Files, which you currently use to browse files.

The factors that the app considers when choosing junk files are also quite logical. If the Smart Storage setting is turned on, Files, Been on device for 60 days and backed up to Google Photos automatically deletes the media. In other words, you don’t have to press anything, not counting the click to open the setting.


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Although the feature stood out with the update to Files, it is not actually new. The event of deleting the backed up media for a while is the first time Google has released it. Pixel was available on the phone. However, the visible addition of the feature to Files made all mobile users aware of this convenience.

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