Google Ex-CEO Revealed What He Said About Bitcoin In 2014: “Incredible!”

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, in a newly emerged video from 2014 Bitcoin (BTC) described its technology as a major success in the cryptographic field.

In his speech at the Computer History Museum in 2014, Schmidt stated that the technology of BTC is important, but expressed his doubts about the use of the asset as a currency.

In the video in question, Schmidt stated that Bitcoin’s technology infrastructure could power more businesses in the future. Interestingly, Schmidt made these statements at a time when the worldwide adoption rate of BTC was still low.

Here’s what the former Google CEO had to say about Bitcoin in 2014:

“Bitcoin is an extraordinary cryptographic achievement. The ability to create something that cannot be copied in the digital world is of immense value. The Bitcoin architecture, the ability to have these ledgers that literally cannot be copied, is an incredible advance. A lot of people will start a business on it.”

Schmidt’s Interest in Crypto Technology

Overall, Schmidt’s approach to BTC’s technology, cryptocurrency It aligns with a recent statement in which he emphasizes that his units are focused on the underlying technology:

“A new place where you can control your identity as an individual and you don’t have a central manager. [internet] The model is very strong. It is very seductive and very decentralized.”

It is worth noting that over the years the former executive has been progressively advancing his ventures in the crypto space.

For example, he joined the Chainlink team in 2021 as the company’s strategy consultant. He also co-authored the book “The Age of AI”, which highlights the future of the tech industry.

*Not investment advice.

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