Google did not forget 24 November Teachers’ Day!

Google has been serving us for nearly 20 years. When we enter the search engine to find any information we are curious about or have forgotten, he sometimes greets us with his funny doodles. Whether it’s national or international, official days or holidays, Google manages to celebrate these days in a fun way.

Celebrating special days and holidays of our country such as National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, October 29 Republic Day, Youth and Sports Week, Google supported us with a doodle on days that are meaningful to us, like some dates related to some of our respected artists. Company, 24 November Teachers’ DayHe didn’t forget either.

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Google’s Teacher’s Day doodle

Google, Ataturk‘Fame 24 November 1928 on head teacher He did not forget the Teacher’s Day, which we celebrated as an official holiday after he was given the title. The search giant celebrated Teachers’ Day with a doodle specially designed for today.

Google’s Teacher’s Day doodle

This special day, which is celebrated on different dates in different parts of the world, 1984since UNESCO with his advice October 5th was decided as. Although many countries celebrate this date, some countries, including Turkey, have a special Teacher’s Day date.

12 Arab countries this day February 28 As we celebrate, India September 5, Iranian 2 May, Malaysia 16 May and Peru 6th of July days Teachers’ Day as celebrating. Turkey if AtaturkBased on this date on which the title was given to 24 November dedicated his day to valuable teachers.

24 November Teachers’ Day History

Council of Ministersto Atatürk, the great leader who introduced the Latin alphabet to Turkish. 11 November 1928 at its meeting on National Schools Headteacher gave his title. After that 24 November‘in National Schools Regulations This title has been finalized.

Atatürk’s 100th birthday 1981In , it was decided to celebrate it as Teacher’s Day. 26 November 1992 published on Official newspaper entered into force with Every year for about 30 years 24 November day in Turkey Teachers’ Day is celebrated as

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