Google blocks sites that attempt hacking

Googleannounced that it has closed access to hundreds of fake websites trying to defraud users. Fake websites ranging from e-commerce to tech companies were run by well-known hacking groups around the world.

Google decrypted sites opened by hackers

The latest blog post shared by the software giant’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), conducted since 2012 Safe Browsing revealed that some updates were made to the program. As part of this program, Google has removed hundreds of sites that try to defraud users. In the last discovery 37 new domains and websites has been closed specified.

myproject-login[.]shop“, “mail-google[.]com” and “rnanage-icloud[.]comThese pages, which were opened with fake names such as ”, were trying to defraud users completely. It was determined that the last sites that were closed were prepared by hackers in the United Arab Emirates, India and Russia.

After Apple, Google also bowed to the law

After Apple, Google also bowed to the law

Google agreed to pay millions of dollars to developers in a lawsuit filed on the grounds that it received a 30 percent commission on the Play Store.

Shane Huntley, Director of the Google Threat Analysis Group, made some assessments about the last domains that were closed. According to the statement, these websites are names of companies using or online popular services (for example, cryptocurrency exchanges).

37 hacking sites that were found to be able to ensnare users with social engineering and phishing “not safe” and access to sites via Google is closed.

TAG is committed to sharing our findings with the security community and as a way to raise awareness with companies and individuals who may be targeted. We hope that better understanding of tactics and techniques will increase threat hunting capability and lead to stronger user protections across the industry.

You can review all of the domain names and websites that Google considers malicious here. If you have visited before, change all passwords and belong to the site reset cookies We recommend.

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