Google Bard will make ChatGPT look obsolete!

Artificial intelligence technology continues to take the whole world by storm. Upon the success of ChatGPT, many companies have accelerated their work on artificial intelligence technology. Almost every day, we see new developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The latest important development came from Google’s chatbot Bard.

Google Bard gets visual support

Following the success of ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, Google also launched its own chatbot Bard. Using PaLM, Google’s Pre-Training and Auxiliary Language Modeling, Bard tries to capture various advantages against its rivals with the different features it offers.

Bard, which claims to be able to access more accurate and up-to-date information with its direct access to the Internet, now comes up with a new update. According to the statement, Bard will also transfer visual results from Google search results to its users.

The President of the Supreme Court announced: Artificial intelligence will now decide!

The President of the Supreme Court announced: Artificial intelligence will now decide!

Artificial intelligence-based Supreme Court Jurisprudence Center was opened. This center, which will be trained with precedent decisions, will evaluate the reasoned decisions.

When Google introduced the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard, it announced that it would introduce new features in the coming weeks. A few months after its introduction, the chatbot received its very useful and long-awaited visual support. With its new visual support, we can say that Google Bard is one step ahead of ChatGPT in the chatbot race.

Google states that communication will be much stronger with the artificial intelligence system including pictures in its responses. Google Bard is expected to provide users with more informative and relevant results, along with visual support. In addition to the company’s chatbot code software and information sharing, it now provides visual support to its users, gaining a significant advantage over ChatGPT.

While artificial intelligence technologies are developing day by day, chatbots can be shown as the biggest examples of this development. Google Bard can get ahead of ChatGPT with its visual support. So what do you think about artificial intelligence chatbots? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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