Google Bard gets a feature that ChatGPT doesn’t!

Google has announced that it has developed some features for the chatbot Bard. Based on the PaLM-2 machine learning model Google Bard, writing code acquired new skills. Unlike ChatGPT, you will be able to see the output of a code through Bard. Also, the approach to examining questions is changing.

Google Bard enters a new era in coding

Google wants to increase how accurately artificial intelligence works in performing computational tasks. For this, it gave Bard the ability to execute the code written. This innovation means that Google can now solve math problems or show outputs of codes.

Models like ChatGPT try to explain information by examining it piece by piece. For example, “lollipopChatGPT gives the wrong answer when trying to reverse the word ”. Because he is trying to understand this word by dividing it into syllables.

Bixby tipped off: Samsung is improving its ChatGPT rival artificial intelligence!

Bixby tipped off: Samsung is improving its ChatGPT rival artificial intelligence!

According to the information that has emerged today, Samsung is developing its own LLM, namely Large Language Model (Large Language Model) based artificial intelligence.

Google, on the other hand, is testing a different approach to machine learning to fix this bug. For example, against the same question Bard, Python program it can generate the correct output “popilloL” by creating and executing the code. Bard also shows not only the answer but also the code he used to achieve this result.

Google’s adoption of this approach also prevents some of its manipulations in mathematics. For example, it can handle queries like determining prime numbers or calculating growth rates via Python.

While Google is expanding Bard’s capabilities, it’s important to note that ChatGPT has received notable innovations. It has also grown its user base considerably with an official iOS app. On the other hand, Samsung has also started testing third-party artificial intelligence solutions such as ChatGPT.

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