Google announces .day domain extension for special occasions

Google introduced a new domain extension that can be used for special occasions. subsidiary of the company Google Registry, It also announced the lists of other authorized companies where the .day domain name will be offered for sale.

What is a .day domain name?

Offering early access for some organizations, Google has released a list of some companies and nonprofits that use the .day domain name. The list, which also includes organizations such as Ferrero and WWF,

Users will be able to have the .day domain name extension without paying any additional fee as of February 1, 19.00 CET. HexoNet, Google Domains,, NameCheap, Secura and Variomedia You can buy via

Regarding the .day domain name on the company’s website, “Every day is full of possibilities. Are you going to celebrate a birthday or a wedding? Or will you use your voice to announce an important day for the world? No matter how you want to share a day with others, .day is the perfect domain name for your website.” statements are included.

How to buy a .day domain name?

Many different domain names, especially .com, .net and .org Google Registry You can register via The company announced that an extra fee will be paid for early registration transactions until February 1. You need to pay $11,500 for .day domain name registration on January 26, $3,500 for registration on January 27, and $1,150 for registration on January 28.

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