Google and Qualcomm work together on artificial intelligence development!

At the Snapdragon 2021 event it held today, Qualcomm announced a collaboration to bring Google Cloud’s Neural Architecture technology to its platform. In this way, the development of artificial intelligence systems will be faster than before with joint work. However, this common mind seems to offer much more possibilities.

Snapdragon is leaving! New processor description from Qualcomm

Qualcomm made a statement about the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor and the Snapdragon brand, which came to the fore with leaks.

Qualcomm is one of the leading companies in artificial intelligence development!

Qualcomm says that this announcement makes it the first processor and chip manufacturer to offer the Google Cloud Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search service. He stated that it will first be offered on mobile platforms with its new processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, then under the umbrella of Snapdragon in other areas such as IoT, automotive and XR.

Artificial intelligence hardware is becoming more and more common every day. Attention is usually turned to software consisting of specific solutions. Optimization improves MLOps workflows for AI. With this collaboration, Qualcomm aims to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence models for Snapdragon.

Google Cloud announced Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search in May as a unified platform for developing, deploying, and maintaining its own AI models. According to the company, training models with Vertex AI require almost 80% fewer lines of code compared to other platforms.

Google claims it’s the same toolkit currently used internally to power the company, from computing vision to language and structured data. Vertex AI consists of various tools. But Qualcomm is especially going over the Neural Architecture Search feature.

As the name suggests, thanks to this system, Qualcomm tries to optimize the artificial intelligence models it has developed. Vertex AI NAS will be integrated with the Qualcomm Neural Processing unit. It will also continue to work on Qualcomm AI.

In a statement on Cloud Artificial Intelligence and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud, Vice President June Yang said:

With this collaboration, Qualcomm Technologies can now create and optimize new AI models in weeks instead of months, and we’re excited about the impact and potential this has on people using Snapdragon-powered devices.

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