Good News to Terra Classic Investors: This DeFi Protocol Announces Mainnet and Airdrop!

Mars Protocol (MARS) mainnet, the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol on the Terra (LUNA) network before the collapse, and to investors He made important statements about the airdrop.

Mars Protocol announced on its official blog on January 20, Terra Classic (LUNC) investors It gave details of the highly anticipated mainnet and airdrop dates. According to the details, Mars cosmos (ATOM) on January 31st will be active on With the launch of the Mainnet, users also MARS airdrop will be distributed.

It will come into effect on January 31st. your mainnet will be distributed soon 64.6 million MARSat LUNC 2 different times It will be determined according to the results of the snapshots made in the time zone. Rights holders tokens Request on January 31st they can.

After the Terra collapse 1.2 billion dollars With these constructive steps taken by Mars Protocol, which has lost its value, revitalize its liquidityIt is stated that he intends

On the other hand, the total 50 million MARS tokens It will be handed over to the genesis validators for launch and returned to the community pool a month later. The following details were included in the statement about the tokens to be transferred to Genesis:

This temporary delegation will help protect the network from attack by a rogue validator who could potentially accumulate a large MARS delegation shortly after occurrence and begin manipulating transactions on-chain.

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