Good News from Robinhood: Support for Ethereum and This Meme Coin Has Begun!

Robinhood in September of last year, it announced the launch of its beta Web3 wallet. It then allowed 10,000 customers on the waiting list to participate in the testing phase of the wallet. Dubbed the “Robinhood Wallet”, the product allowed users to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies without network fees and announced Polygon as the first supported blockchain.

Johann Kerbrat along with Polygon in a tweet Ethereum announced its support for the network. This means support for over 50 ERC-20 tokens listed on Robinhood, including Shiba Inu. This allows customers to transfer tokens such as COMP, MATIC, SHIB, SOL, UNI, USDC.

Robinhood, in April of last year shiba inu made a significant contribution to the listing. The petition launched on for the listing of Meme coin on the commission-free investment application has reached approximately 600,000 signatures.

Robinhood Expands!

Johann Kerbrat has announced that they have received more than 1 million registrations even on the waiting list of the Web3 Robinhood Wallet. The Robinhood wallet has been making changes since its beta program based on customer feedback. In this regard, support has been added for NFTs on both Ethereum and Polygon. Allowed users to securely view and store their favorite collections.

Alongside these improvements, users will be able to continue to exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens on Polygon with no network fees, as well as connect to their favorite Web3 apps. Kerbrat announced that in the coming weeks, access codes will be shared via email, which will allow customers to log into the Robinhood Wallet iOS app. Users who download and access the application will be entitled to receive $5 worth of cryptocurrencies to their wallets.

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