Good news for Spotify users! Audiobook feature has arrived

One of the most used music apps globally. Spotifyhas been working on a new feature for a long time. This is what many users see as a major shortcoming. audio book feature it happened. The company announced that it has finally launched its highly anticipated new feature. After that, users will have the opportunity to listen to audiobooks on Spotify.

Spotify offers over 300,000 audiobooks

Used by millions music and podcast Spotify has launched its long-awaited audiobook feature. Spotify CFO Vogel, in the past weeks, said that they will be launching the new feature soon. After this statement, the company started the audiobook feature today. officially started.

Feature, first to users in the US is offered. At the same time, the new feature will appear in a new section in the application. However, if More than 300,000 audiobooks will be available to listen. However, the audiobook portion will be subject to purchase. So Spotify users, to listen to the audiobook, buy the book must.

The expected feature in TikTok is finally available

The expected feature in TikTok is finally available

The comment dislike feature, which was started to be tested with the announcement made by TikTok in April, will be available soon, according to the post!

It also allows users to decide which book to buy. a preview will be. This will happen via the website. After the preview, the user will have the opportunity to access the audiobook for a fee. If these books on both mobile app and desktop will be. In addition to the books listen offline also possible.

Spotify executive Nir Zicherman, made a statement about the new feature. In his statement, he pointed out that the new feature will be a special experience for those interested in the subject. At the same time, he stated that they are at the beginning of their goals for now and the development process continues at a fast pace.

Spotify audiobook feature is here

Also, Zicherman said it’s only available to users in the US for now. Your feature is coming soon in use in other markets He said that the necessary work is still in progress. However, he did not provide further details on which countries the audiobook feature will launch in.

So, what do you think about the Spotify audiobook feature? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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