God of War’s Cookbook Is Out!

A book publisher has released a cookbook inspired by the game in honor of the release of God of War: Ragnarök. While the book carries flavors from the God of War universe, it contains many never-before-seen illustrations and stories.

One of the most anticipated games of recent years. God of War: Ragnarok It was finally released recently. The mythological production, which tells the exciting adventures of Kratos and Atreus in nine realms, was highly appreciated by both critics and gamers.

Now, in honor of the release of the game, a new and rather interesting product has been released. US-based book publisher Insight Editions has released a game-inspired cookbook put it on the market. Although the food is not a prominent detail in the game, fans will be able to experience the universe of the game in a very different way with this official book.

The book contains flavors of the nine realms and many stories from the God of War universe

The cookbook, which has a price of $ 39.99, is a must-have for gamers. the best flavors in the nine realms It aims to give you a taste. Written from the perspective of Tyr, the god of war, who also appears in the game, Over 60 recipes, along with never-before-seen illustrations of iconic characters and unique stories from the God of War universe contains.

The product, which includes many different things from simple snacks to difficult meals; It will help the chefs of all levels with its detailed explanation, and even the one we see in the game. Kratos’ famous mushroom dish included is reported. So, as you can see, the book inspired by the Scandinavian lands allows God of War: Ragnarök players to experience the universe in a very different way.

The new God of War game, which was released for PlayStation users on November 9, 2022, is in our country. 799 TL Sold with a price tag. You can take a look at our content below for a graphic comparison between God of War: Ragnarök and the previous game in the series.


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