“Glue” Analogy for Stablecoins from Binance Japan General Manager

Takeshi Chino, Managing Director of Binance Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of Binance, made statements about the cryptocurrency market and Binance Japan targets.

In an interview published on May 26, Takashi Chino spoke about the cryptocurrency market and Binance Japan’s to the industry about to their goals mentioned. in Chino, Japan stablecoin industry to develop their aim your priority target Japanese Yen based develop a product but that other currencies to the project they will include stressed.

Chino is under this plan, stablecoins traditional economy, blockchain economy And Binance ecosystem one among glue He said he believed they would do the job. general manager, something stable somehow when done price fluctuations will become insignificant suggested.

Japanese regulators to be accepted by gain trust And explaining the business model well but to achieve this it might take time expressed.

to their products And to technologies the general manager who said that they trust, of the company And right of your activities still needs to be dealt with as to whether it is understood or not. so many ways stated that.

Cryptocurrency market And location of service providers Referring to Chino, in the present case on the market low valuations And trading volume from commissions income earned will reduce in view when kept of the crypto winter traditional a stock market can prevent the model expressed. Managing Director, Binance crypto- And blockchain through technology “economic freedom” vision, stock market business of the model and current market replaced the conditions stated.

At this point, many ecosystems different Drawing attention to the fact that it is a working area, Chino said that they will offer various services to finance from different perspectives and Web3 various in form intellectual property (IP) stated that they will continue their content.

On the other hand, existing cryptocurrencies price volatility profit opportunities can create but against the cryptocurrency market wide a request will not create was also among Chino’s statements.

Binance, past At the end of the month in June in japan its activities will begin had reported.

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