Giant Whale Borrowed and Purchased from Binance to Increase the Number of Ethereum!

The whale, which continued to buy Ethereum (ETH) without slowing down, borrowed millions of dollars to open a long position.

The whale, which has been purchasing Ethereum for months, added a new one to its transactions. Reported by on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain to data decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol to get more Ethereum Spark over 4 million DAI the debtor whale, these assets to USD Coin After converting (USDC) 985 ETH at $2,031 took.

With this process too not satisfied whale again via Spark without slowing down 10 million DAI borrowed money and converted those assets into USDC 4,872 ETH at $2,054 he bought. Purchases I made by borrowing money from the whale Long position via DeFi It means it is opened.

Additionally the same whale DeFi protocol Compound (COMP) and valued Spark at $52.6 million. 26 thousand ETH and worth $50.2 million 24,815 stETH lay it down and then 23 million USDC And 21.2 million DAI took a loan. Whale will probably continue to buy more Ethereum with new debts in hand.

This whale from September 19 since Binance and average through decentralized exchanges (DEX) $66.9 million from $1,808 worth 37,005 ETH got it.

The whale in question, who acts like an Ethereum lover, was spotted just yesterday. 10 million USDC for an average of $2,056 4,865 ETH was brought to the agenda. Whale’s Ethereum investments are approximately 9 million dollars in profit positioning.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hours 1.6% Ethereum losing value at the time of writing from $2,030 is being traded.

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