Giant Program Simulating the Billion-Year-Old Universe: Uchuu

Japanese researchers have succeeded in simulating a large part of the universe using supercomputers. This simulation was presented to enthusiasts as a program called Uchuu through cloud technologies.

Experiments play an important role in scientific studies. In cases where controlled experiments cannot be performed, simulations come into play. Simulations are a frequently used method to solve the mysteries of space. This simulation is quite comprehensive.

Researchers created a virtual universe and uchuu uploaded it to a program they named. Later, they made the program accessible to everyone over the cloud. Uchuu, which means outer space in Japanese, was introduced as the largest and most realistic universe simulation ever made. There are 2.1 trillion particles in the simulation and it covers an area of ​​9.63 billion light-years.

Thousands of processors used:

The scientists behind the project, Uchuu in detail than ever before. He states that they developed it in order to examine the universe. Stars and planets are not included in detail in the program, which focuses on the universe in a broad plan, so we cannot sit down and discover a planet at the other end of the universe. Instead, dark matter auras occupy an important place.


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In Uchuu we are in a kind of time machine. from the Big Bang In this time travel that we set out on, we can watch the universe in general if we want, or we can only focus on a certain part of the universe.

Of course, it is not easy to develop such a simulation. Researchers ATERUI II It used a supercomputer called a supercomputer and each of its 40,200 processor cores. In total, 20 million supercomputer clocks are being processed. 3 petabytes data output. Fortunately, thanks to data compression technologies, this data was compressed into a space of only (!) 100 terabytes. If you say I have more than 100 terabytes of space, you can download all the data from this link.

The images in the simulation are quite remarkable. In the video below, it is possible to see a little bit of what it is like to travel in the universe.

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