Giant Investment Company Turns Its Eyes On This Metaverse Coin Project!

Grayscale released its November research report focusing on the Metaverse and estimates Web3 as a trillion-dollar revenue opportunity. While discussing the orientation of users to play-to-win platforms in the report, Decentraland (MANA), one of the metaverse coin projects, was also examined. The firm says Netscape’s Web 1.0, Facebook’s 2.0, and the Decentraland virtual world are the beginning of the Web 3.0 evolution. Here are the details…

Grayscale’s metaverse thesis

Grayscale, one of the biggest investment companies in crypto, is hopeful about metaverse projects. In a report released Wednesday, the firm said that game-focused metaverse coin projects are leading the Web 3.0 and opportunities are spreading to other areas. It is estimated that there are $1 trillion in revenue opportunities across advertising, social commerce, digital events, and hardware. Grayscale adds that as web-based technologies evolve, the time people spend using them increases. The firm believes that the virtual world economy will turn into more money depending on the time spent online. The report also includes the following statements:

The more we spend on these digital world experiences, the more money we spend in these digital realms to build our social status in these online communities. Don’t forget to take a look at the metaverse articles (section-1, section-2) we prepared.

Metaverse coin Decentraland (MANA) also reviewed

Blockchain projects aimed at developing virtual worlds received $100 million in investment from KuCoin and Blockchain gaming platform Enjin over the past month, while existing virtual world game projects Decentraland and The Sandbox have been valued by more than 500% since the beginning of November. Grayscale also mentions Decentraland (MANA) in its report. According to the firm, projects like Decentraland are creating a virtual world where users can log in to play games, earn MANA and NFT, and create avatars online.

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