Giant Corporate Company Announced That It Made a Big Purchase From This Altcoin!

DWF Labs, a global digital asset management firm in the web3 industry, is a decentralized social network Mask Network (MASK) altcoin announced that it has made a strategic investment and partnership with

DWF Labs Announces Acquisition of $5 Million Mask Network (MASK) Altcoin

To make Web3 more accessible, DWF Labs has invested in purchasing $5 million worth of MASK tokens that will be used to support the establishment of a decentralized social network and the Mask Network ecosystem in general.

Mask Network was one of the first community members of the Bluesky protocol, the decentralized social network founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. The Mask Network team also actively promotes some of the best practices from Mastodon, one of the largest decentralized social networks.

DWF Labs also launched last November. TON (The Open Network) cryptocurrency had invested $10 million in its ecosystem. Mask Network is also working with TON and in the future social protocols and applications in the Mask Network ecosystem will be integrated with TON and its related components.

This partnership with DWF Labs marks another milestone in Mask Network’s web3 journey and brings further support for the project. Mask Network had previously received support from private and corporate supporters such as Arweave, Hard Collar, Protocol Labs.

DWF Labs operates in Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and the British Virgin Islands.

*Not investment advice.

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