Ghost of Tsushima 2 may be quietly coming!

In recent years, one of the most valued topics by console manufacturers has been special games. Sony, which has released successful games such as Spider-Man, God of War and Uncharted to date, without slowing down continues to compete. One of the games that wondered whether it would return to competition in the coming years was the Ghost of Tsushima series. Ghost of Tsushima 2 may be in pre-development, according to a job posting appearing at the developer studio.

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SuckerPunch is looking for developers for Ghost of Tsushima 2

The developer of the game, SuckerPunch, talked about the requirements reminiscent of Ghost of Tsushima in the job posting it shared. The company, which shared two postings, an attack mechanic designer and developer, is completing preliminary preparations for a new Ghost of Tsushima 2, according to the statements of fans. Although the company has different businesses such as inFamous and Sly Cooper, it seems more likely to see a Ghost of Tsushima game in the near future.

According to other details in the job posting, the company is developing a third-person open world game, which can sometimes be privacy-based. This definition brings to our minds the Ghost of Tsushima 2 game first. While Xbox is getting more and more serious about exclusive gaming, we didn’t expect PlayStation to sit idle. Considering the God of War: Ragnarok and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 games that are already on the way, Sony is coming in solid.

We saw how successful the first game of the series was. Although he was not liked by some players due to his not very fluent style, he was successful according to the audience he addressed. Can be added to the second game lots of ideas and gameplay content Those who played the first game know that it is. That’s why our expectations for Ghost of Tsushima 2 will increase as more details emerge.

Do you think the posted job posting really points to the game we are considering?

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