Getir buys British express delivery app!

The popular grocery delivery application Getir, which started in Turkey and became a global brand, continues to expand its operations abroad. Recently, the company had entered the Americas in Chicago. Now, Getir’s new initiative to expand its operations in the UK has been announced.

Getir has rolled up its sleeves to purchase the entire fast delivery application Weezy, serving the UK market. In this way, the company will sign its second purchase abroad. In July, the company acquired BLOK, a fast delivery service operating in the Southern Europe region, as it is known.

Getir started its operations in the USA!

Bringing the number of countries in which it operates to 8 as of October, the new stop of the Getir application is Chicago, USA.

Getir to expand UK operations with Weezy

Getir, which opened its first overseas activity in London at the beginning of this year, lastly took place in the USA. Thus, it started to serve in 3 continents and 9 countries. The next target will be to expand its UK operations by recruiting Weezy’s approximately 700 employees.

Currently, Getir is actively used in 15 cities of England, including London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester. However, with the acquisition of Weezy, it is thought that it will be considered as the country’s pioneer in the fast delivery sector.

Nazım Salur, the founder of the brand, which gained great momentum in a short time and wants to be the number one in England, said the following about the expected Weezy purchase:

“A few weeks ago, we started to serve in the USA, the center of technological initiatives. We continue our growth abroad without slowing down. We believe that our way of doing business and cultural approach are very compatible with Weezy, which has managed to gain an important place in its region despite being a young startup. For this reason, we are adding Weezy, believing that it will make a great contribution to Getir. We are happy to make another exciting acquisition that will further strengthen our service network in the UK, one of the most important markets for us.”

Getir’s new stops in the USA

Getir currently provides services in England, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the USA apart from Turkey. The next stops of the company, which started its activities in the USA in Chicago, will be New York and Boston.

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