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Metalla Royalty Director EB Tucker talks about gold fascination and the end of currency-based pricing. He also says diversifying investments is key. Market expert İslam Memiş expects the winds to blow from the opposite direction in 2023. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” writer Robert Kiyosaki repeats his ‘collapse’ prophecies.

“Countries will refuse to price their goods in foreign currency”

The global oil market is usually traded in US dollars. However, the market took a surprise last week when Ghana announced that it would buy oil using gold. EB Tucker says this is part of a ‘broader de-dollarization trend’ as the world moves towards multipolar ‘zones of influence’. In this context, he makes the following statement:

Instead of just looking at Ghana, you need to notice a broader trend that is developing here. This development will put pressure on the US system.

Prices for commodities such as oil and gold are set on centralized exchanges such as COMEX or NYMEX. Tucker argues that as the world becomes multipolar, countries will refuse to price their goods in foreign currency, ‘paper’. Based on this, he makes the following assessment:

Saudi Arabia has announced that they will no longer allow people in New York to set the price of oil using paper. The New York NYMEX sets the price of oil. Now, Saudi Arabia says it will no longer allow someone in New York with a deck of cards to set the price of oil.

EB Tucker claims that the rules for world trade were historically determined by ‘large, powerful industrialized countries’ such as the EU and the US, but that has now changed. “Countries that produce real raw materials say they want to sit at the table,” Tucker says.


“I have a great admiration for gold”

As geopolitical and macroeconomic factors become more volatile, Tucker says diversifying investments is key. In this regard, he comments:

For the average working person, you need to distract yourself a bit. I have a huge fascination with gold. You must have cash in the bank. I think it is necessary to own real estate. You have to live your life so that if something happens, he doesn’t cut off all his limbs.

However, Tucker does not foresee a system-wide ‘collapse’. In this regard, he notes:

Actually, I’m not betting that a system will crash. What I’m betting on is that people will gradually spend an increasingly higher percentage of their money keeping up as the value of their assets declines.

“The dollar does not yield as much as a gram of gold”

Market expert İslam Memiş also interprets the markets in the light of the latest developments. Memiş says that people turn to the dollar to protect themselves from inflation. However, he notes that the dollar is a payment instrument and is not successful enough to protect against inflation. As an example, he looks at the returns on investment instruments. In this context, he shares the following data:

Gram gold has a return of 6.291% from the last 20 years on TL basis. BIST 100 has a return of 1.703%. The yield of the euro is 1.215 percent. The dollar rate is talked about a lot, but it is in the 4th place with a 908% return in the last 20 years. They talk about it the most, but it’s also the investment that pays the least. It is talked about a lot because everything costs dollars. However, it does not yield as much as gram gold.

“The wind will reverse in 2023, these will win!”

Islam Memiş draws attention to the fact that gram gold is supported by both the dollar rate and ounce gold. Therefore, he says that gram gold does not upset its investors. From this point of view, he makes the following statements and shares his predictions:

Unlimited printing of dollars is possible. However, gold is a reserve currency, a limited asset. That’s why I care about gold investments. The wind will reverse in 2023. Probably, we will see the dollar depreciate and the value of investment instruments such as gold, sterling, silver and euro increase.


“The global economy is the biggest bubble in history!”

Robert Kiyosaki comes up with apocalyptic prophecies as usual. Kiyosaki continues to claim that economies, especially the USA, will collapse. In this context, he says the global economy is “the biggest bubble in history.” Explaining his views on Twitter, Kiyosaki says:

Most of you know that I do not invest in stocks, bonds, ETS or MFs. Please don’t listen to what I have to say next: “I would get rid of paper assets.” The world economy is not a “market”. I believe the economy is the biggest bubble in the history of the world. May Allah have mercy on us all.

Continuing his prophetic sermon, Kiyosaki particularly prefers gold. As you follow on, he expresses them at every opportunity. However, he also likes other investment vehicles. One of them is Bitcoin, which is considered ‘digital gold’. Kiyosaki predicts that BTC, which is currently at $ 16,500, will reach $ 1 million in 5 years. Also, Kiyosaki says he owns Ethereum.

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