Germany trembles before a record winter: The icy Chancellor – domestic politics

Where is our government when we need it?

All of Germany is trembling towards a record winter! Inflation: for the first time in 28 years above 4 percent! The prices for fuel, electricity and gas are on the hunt for records!

And what is Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU) doing? Ignore the situation completely. Nothing to announce, no measures planned, she lets her spokesman Steffen Seibert announce.


The Ministry of Economic Affairs also allegedly sees no bottlenecks and no need for action. Although the first gas providers such as Otima (Brandenburg) are already bankrupt. And others (like E.ON) terminate their first customers, no longer accept new ones.

Business associations and consumer advocates agree like seldom: Politicians have to act!

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) calls for a “fuel price brake”. He wants to lower the energy tax, thereby stopping the price explosion. Scheuer at BILD LIVE: “The federal government still in office must act now.”

The EU also sees an urgent need for action and yesterday published a “tool kit” to alleviate energy poverty: with tax breaks (as in Spain and Italy), “energy checks” for the poor (France).

“An environmentally conscious life and energy-efficient living should not be a luxury for a small elite,” said Ulrich Schneider (Paritätischer Verband) about BILD. Hartz IV and housing benefit urgently need to be adjusted. So far, the Hartz IV standard rate should rise from January 1 by a whole 3 euros to 449 euros.

Social Association President Adolf Bauer demands: “In the basic security, all energy costs incurred must actually be covered.”

From the Merkel cabinet comes: NOTHING.

How much did Merkel fall for Gerhard Schröder (SPD)?

The former chancellor and Kremlin manager had the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline built. Merkel always supported the project despite massive protests.

Now the pipeline is ready. And Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin (69) uses them exactly what experts have always warned against: He is blackmailing Germany and Europe!

Because: Schröder’s friend Putin deliberately delivers far too little gas through the other lines to Europe. Consequence: price explosion (+ 400 percent)!

Putin is now calling on Merkel to put Nord Stream 2 into operation immediately. That would “help to relieve tension on the European energy market,” Putin said. And he demands: “Germany should bow low to Schröder.”

That sounds like a mockery to millions of gas customers …

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