German and US prosecutors succeed in striking against hacker network


Hive is one of many hacker groups blackmailing international companies

(Photo: dpa)

Washington, Frankfort The public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, together with US judicial authorities, has broken up an international network of cybercriminals called “Hive”. The hackers had attacked more than 1,500 companies since mid-2021, including 70 in Germany, the authorities said on Thursday. Three of them were in Baden-Württemberg. The Criminal Investigation Directorate in Esslingen had tracked down the network during investigations into a company affected there.

Earlier it became known that the FBI blocked the site of the hackers “Hive Ransomware” on Thursday. The phrase flashed, “The Federal Bureau of Investigation has seized this website as part of a coordinated law enforcement effort against Hive ransomware.”

Ransomware is malware that locks the computer or encrypts data in order to blackmail users. Hive is one of many cybercriminal groups that blackmail international companies by encrypting their data in exchange for massive cryptocurrency payments. According to the US authorities, the hackers were able to loot around $130 million in ransoms.

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