Generation Z’s Views on Economy and Education Have Been Revealed

Dell revealed the views of Generation Z on the economy and education through a survey of 15,000 respondents from 15 countries. However, it seems that the education received in school is not that important for Generation Z.

Generation Z, whose name we have started to hear frequently in recent years and about which a lot of research has been done, is a handful of irresponsible young people according to some. The only generation that will make the world a better place seen as. This generation, which was born into the rapidly developing technology, social mediaare often criticized for having different ideas about education and work than previous generations.

A survey prepared by the US-based computer and hardware technologies company Dell revealed the views of Generation Z about education, working life and the economy.

According to Generation Z, governments can fix everything, but they don’t want to

made by Dell and 18-26 years old The research, in which a total of 15,000 people from 15 different countries participated; He revealed the ideas of the Z generation about the economy, education and working life. It was stated that the individuals participating in the research were randomly selected from different genders, religions, languages ​​and races and all individuals voluntarily participated in this survey.

According to the information in the survey, 50% of the individuals participating in the survey believe that the government of the country they live in can solve their economic problems. when he thinks he prefers not to solve it for his own benefit the other 50% consider the economic crisis experienced all over the world as an inevitable reality and think that these problems can be overcome with long-term solutions. However, only one-third of the participants believes current governments can solve the current economic crisis.

Generation Z thinks the education they get in school doesn’t matter

When the participants are asked questions in the field of education, we see that most of the answers given are similar to each other. 44% of Generation Z say that school only teaches them basic information, while 37% of them say that primary school education teaches children. does not lay the groundwork for technological know-how is thinking. According to the participants, the education received at school does not prepare them for the virtual world and technology-oriented business areas, on the contrary, it prevents individuals from preparing the ground for themselves. For this reason, many individuals from Generation Z think that the education given at school is not important. In addition, 40% of respondents said that technology-driven acquisitions are for potential future careers. considers it vital.

One-third of the participants who also answered questions about working life prefer to work from home, while one-third of them think that working in the office will increase their productivity. Aongus Hegarty, International Markets Manager of Dell Technologies, said in a statement:Generation Z uses technology for a peaceful future. at the center of their lives a positioned fact. (targeting tech companies, governments and private sector companies) If we work with them to increase the success of Gen Z and provide easy access to digital learning our duty.He said that companies and governments should consider the wishes of the Z generation.


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On the other hand, 44% of the teachers teaching the Z generationIt should be noted that companies and trainings should work together to increase technology-oriented training.” their thoughts were included in the report.

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