GeForce Now’s Free Playtime Halved in Turkey

NVIDIA has made a remarkable decision regarding the service provided by GeForce Now in Turkey. The 1-hour usage right, which is offered free of charge, has been reduced to half an hour in Turkey. In other countries, no similar regulation has been made.

The cloud gaming platform GeForce Now, which came to Turkey earlier this year, aroused interest in the country despite its price, thanks to the wide range of games it offered. with Turkcell NVIDIA, which started its cloud gaming service in Turkey with the partnership made, managed to attract users by arranging the very high prices for Turkish users due to the dollar exchange rate.

However, the prices were not at the level that the average Turkish user could afford. That’s why some of them cut their money for the game and turn to this platform, while others were content to play on the free plan because they could not afford the fees. However, this short-term a development that undermines enjoyment it happened.

Free play time halved

In the free subscription plan that GeForce Now offers to users, everyone is welcome, as long as the servers are not too full. 1 hour had the right to play. In this plan, which does not have RTX feature, you may have to wait in line to play, but considering that it is free, this was not bad at all. Today, a change made on the platform that greatly reduces the free service has come to the fore. Free play time defined as 1 hour in other countries where the service is provided, Reduced to 30 minutes.


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Social media users, who noticed the situation, were disappointed with the decision. Because users who could not afford paid subscriptions could enjoy at least 1 hour of cloud-based gaming. In this period, when boxed games are sold for hundreds of liras and computers that can be played for thousands of liras, Turkish players put these problems aside and They could use the 1 hour system. However, the fact that half an hour was not enough for any game made the decision the target of criticism.

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