Gasoline and Diesel Sales Quantities Announced

Petroleum Industry Association (PETDER) announced the amount of diesel and gasoline sold in Turkey. The data disclosed has shown a very serious increase compared to the previous year. So how is it that while the price of gasoline and diesel quadruples, sales can increase?

Petroleum Industry Association (PETDER) fuel sales disclosed its data. The announced data reveal that gasoline and diesel sales have increased compared to the same period of the previous year. So how come fuel prices? when this high Are sales increasing?

According to the announced data, 350 thousand 578 cubic meters of gasoline and 653 thousand 76 cubic meters of diesel were sold in May 2022. Compared to May 2021, this sales amount is the result of gasoline sales. 57.87 percentand diesel sales 22.53 percent means increased. In addition, 269 thousand 575 tons of LPG have been sold. Sales volume in LPG, from May 2021 43.52 percent higher.

More than 2021 fuel sold in all of 2022

According to PETDER, which also shares data covering the whole of 2022, in the January-May period of 2022 1 million 577 thousand 66 cubic meters of gasoline11 million 641 thousand 341 cubic meters of diesel was sold. These numbers January-May period of 2021 Compared to gasoline, it means an increase of 37.31% and an increase of 6.74% in diesel. LPG sales were recorded as 1 million 146 thousand 313 tons with an increase of 10.60 percent.


Statement by President Erdogan on Fuel Prices: I Wish Oil Could Gust All Over Our Country

Curfew restrictions were implemented in May 2021

Statements made by PETDER confusing you can find. Because, when we look at it, we witness that the prices of gasoline and diesel have quadrupled in the last 1 year, and in such an environment, it does not seem normal that fuel sales increase by as high as 50 percent. However, there is an overlooked point here. The whole of 2021 was spent in the shadow of the COVID-19 epidemic. In this context; Curfews are applied both on weekends and on working days, unless the citizen has to. he wasn’t leaving his house. Summary; The reason for this increase in fuel prices is not that the citizens are not affected by the hikes, but that, unlike last year, they went out on the streets.

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