Garanti BBVA Enters The Crypto World

While many discussions have arisen as a result of the events in the crypto money world in recent days, job postings continue to be opened in this field. Garanti BBVA announced that it is looking for a “Crypto Asset Specialist” in its advertisement on LinkedIn.

Giant companies continue to step into the crypto world, which is growing and expanding day by day. Recently 85.97% of purchased by BBVA Garanti BBVAannounced that it will hire a crypto asset officer in its job posting.

Garanti BBVA is among the banks that have been on the agenda lately and have entered the crypto world, which has experienced great decreases in the market recently. The company, which has millions of customers in 35 countries, is looking for people to work in the Capital Markets and Treasury Operations Department in Istanbul.

Here is the announcement of Garanti BBVA and the required conditions

Garanti BBVA, in his post on his official LinkedIn account, “Crypto Asset Specialist/Official” announced that it is calling and that the person to be recruited will take an active role in the crypto-asset transactions project. Responsibilities of the expert to be hired; It was listed as doing research on crypto assets and the technologies provided, meeting with foreign service providers to learn about the infrastructure applications they provide and analyzing their effect on the bank.

Other responsibilities of the officer to be recruited are as follows:

  • To support the establishment of “Crypto Asset Storage” processes in accordance with the legal regulations, by determining the interaction areas with bank products.
  • To manage the “Crypto Asset Storage” branch processes in accordance with the legal regulations and to implement the applications.

Requirements for Crypto Asset Specialist/Official:

  • Likes to work in collaborative and diverse environments,
  • Result oriented and responsible
  • Giving importance to customer satisfaction,
  • Likes to identify solutions for complex problems,
  • Able to communicate effectively.
  • The mandatory and preferably criteria we look for in candidates for this position are;
  • Graduated from the departments of universities that provide 4-year education,
  • Good knowledge of MS Excel,
  • Able to use English actively in written and verbal in your current work experience,
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office programs,
  • High presentation skills
  • Have work experience related to crypto assets.

If you want to reach the company’s job posting, click here. link you can use.

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