Games with Gold October 2022 free games have been announced!

Microsoftwhere he started his success on the game console side subscription continues with its services. The company, which updates its services with new free games every month, including Game Pass, recently announced the October 2022 calendar. Games with Gold October free games have been announced.

Games with Gold October 2022 games announced

Microsoft, Games with Gold under the program Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate exclusive to members October 2022 announced their games. This month’s productions Xbox One and Xbox 360 while covering consoles, back thanks to compatibility support Xbox Series S|X users are not deprived of these games.

Games with Goldin october Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate offers two games to its subscribers. At this point 1 to 31 October between Windbound, October 16 to November 15 Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition will be offered to users.

Xbox Game Pass September games disappointing

Xbox Game Pass September games disappointing

The games that will be added and removed from Xbox Game Pass for September have been announced. Eight new titles will be available to Game Pass subscribers.

Thanks to Microsoft’s new family and friends plan Game Pass Ultimate The subscription will be able to be used by four more people other than the account holder. Game Pass with the Ultimate subscription; It will be playable on console, PC or cloud. Also all EA Play and Xbox Live Gold catalog will also be available.

While the new subscription tier allows users to use Game Pass Ultimate benefits from a single account, it has some restrictions. Microsoft said that accounts in the shared profile must live in the same country.

The Game Pass Friends & Family plan is also time-limited. In other words, you can access all the features of Ultimate with 18-day, 12-day or 6-day limitations.

  • Game Pass Ultimate = 18 days of Friends & Family
  • Game Pass (Console) = 12 days of Friends & Family
  • PC Game Pass = 12 days of Friends & Family
  • Xbox Live Gold = 12 days of Friends & Family
  • EA Play = 6 days of Friends & Family

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