Game with the Most ‘Negative Reviews’: Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042, which was released recently, did not satisfy the players at all. The game, which received more than 40 thousand comments on Steam, encountered the “Mostly Negative” tag. The dev team states that the issues will be fixed…

Electronic Arts, one of the well-established names in the video game industry, recently released a new war game. Battlefield 2042released the . Players attacked Battlefield 2042 with the release of the game. However, Electronic Arts does not seem to have been able to fully meet the expectations of the players. Because the game, which was commented around 44 thousand, is on Steam “Mostly NegativeIt has the “tag”.

Looking at the reviews on Steam, only Battlefield 2042 Around 11 thousand positive comments we see that. In other words, 3 out of 4 players who bought this game as part of a pre-order or after its release and felt the need to comment, stated that they did not like Battlefield 2042. Perhaps the most important reason that led to the emergence of such a remarkable statistic is the technical problems.

Bugs, crashes and server issues in the game created a nuisance

When we look at the comments for Battlefield 2042, we can see the bugs, crashes, and crashes that players encounter. from interruptions in servers We see that they are disturbed. Some gamers even claimed that Battlefield 2042 is not even an unfinished game yet. It’s considered that way because the leaderboard in in-game voice chat and online game modes hasn’t been released yet. does not exist was the formation.

Battlefield 2042 Steam

Professionals weren’t satisfied either.

When we look at game evaluation sites such as Metacritic and OpenCritic, we do not see very good results. Metacritic reviewers’ ratings for this game between 66 and 73 is left. At OpenCritic, critics only 43 percent It recommends Battlefield 2042.


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Fortunately, the negative comments about the game, Electronic Arts and the game’s developer, DICEis also on the agenda. Announcing that they are continuing their work for Battlefield 2042, the developer team stated that they will release updates one after the other and meet the needs of the players. However, until those updates come, there is nothing about the game. prejudice not occurring hardly seems possible.

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