Game Pass has announced the games it will bring in June!

FIFA 22, exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers, has been announced by Sony in the past months. May 3 – June 7 All eyes are on it, with the announcement that it will be free between Microsoft turned on the side. After that, Game Pass said that FIFA 22 was on its list in June. Now, it will bring other games starting from today until July.

Game Pass has announced the games it will bring in June

When we look at the new games to be brought by Game Pass in June, we see that there are 5 different productions. The first of these is FIFA 22, which has been known for a while and will arrive on June 23. The Steam price is 599 TL as of now. In addition, while it is 720 TL on EA Play for PS5, it is sold for 239 TL for Series X|S at a discount on Xbox’s site.

The second game, which will come on June 23, is Naraka: Bladepoint, which has a price tag of 129.99 TL on Steam. In addition, it should be noted that both games will be offered to both computer and console users. But Naraka is also coming to the cloud side.

The games that will come from today are again two. These are Shadowrun Trilogy for cloud and console users, and Total War: Three Kingdoms for PC users. The total prices seem to be around 300 TL as of now.

Perhaps the last game on the list, which is expected by many, is Far Cry 5, which will come on July 1st. This production will be accessible on both console and computer and cloud sides. The current Steam price is 269 TL. Since it is currently on sale on the PS side, it can be bought for 113 TL instead of 569 TL. But the price tag for Xbox users is 600 TL.

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