Future of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 History Claimed

A new claim has been made about Samsung’s new smart watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 model. A Korean technology news site made a statement about when the smart watch will be available to users in 2022.

Technology giant Samsung continues to be in the news headlines with new developments. A claim has also emerged about the Galaxy Watch 5 smart watch of the company, which quietly introduced a new smartphone today. TheElec, a Korean technology news site, announced on its website that the smart watch In what period of 2022 made a prediction about the future.

It is predicted that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 will have a large share in determining the future of the smart watch market. The previous smart watch of the series, Galaxy Watch 4, used Google Wear OS software, but also included important parts from the Samsung interface. One of the biggest question marks about the Galaxy Watch 5 is how the two companies will continue in this area.

Available in the third quarter of 2022:

According to the statement made on TheElec’s website, Samsung, together with its partners, will be established in 2022. 30 total It aims to launch different tablets, headphones, laptops and smart watches. Galaxy Watch 5, which is shown as one of these products, is also in the third or fourth quarter of next year allegedly available to users. From Samsung’s goals in this area, we can say that these claims are most likely true.


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Wear OS has profited a lot from its partnership with Samsung. In a report published by Counterpoint Research recently, smartwatch sales in the last quarter of 2021 17% of the It was shared that it was Wear OS. Of course, Samsung also managed to get its share of this partnership. News about the Galaxy Watch, which is claimed to be equivalent to the Apple Watch by some experts, is next year. It looks like it will gain momentum.

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