“Fun is my greatest motivational factor”

Julian Ambrozy

“I heard from my grandfather how laborious it was to fill out the forms over and over again on the platforms of the vaccination centers.”

Actually, Julian Ambrozy just wanted to help his grandfather get an appointment for a corona vaccination. But it turned into more: A vaccination date search engine that helped with the distribution of the doses nationwide. Programmed in a children’s room in Ostfildern near Stuttgart.

General practitioners were also able to set free appointments under the domain www.impftermininformationen.de created by Ambrozy. It went online on April 11th of this year. “Since then, around four million people have used the site to get a free vaccination appointment,” says Ambrozy dryly. During his summer vacation, he was recently invited by the Federal President to Bellevue Palace – for a celebration of thanks for helpers in the corona crisis.

The twelfth grader also convinced the “thought leader” jury with his unselfish and intelligent commitment. The thought leader initiative of the Handelsblatt and the strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group is this year under the motto “Crisis as Opportunity: Who drove the transformation in the pandemic”. Ambrozy can definitely claim that, but he remains very humble. First the Abitur (high-level subjects math, physics and German) and then a degree are on the agenda. “I would like to study computer science later with a focus on application and AI,” he says.

Nobody almost noticed his innovation. It was first about family and friends. “I heard from my grandfather how difficult it was to fill out the forms over and over again on the platforms of the vaccination centers, only to find out in the end that there was no free appointment,” says the 17-year-old.

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He’d programmed little games since fifth grade. With a so-called crawler, which automatically scanned the depths of the vaccination portals, he brought his grandpa to his destination. “When around 50 people from my circle of friends had been taken care of, I switched the site off again,” says Ambrozy.

It wasn’t until a week later, it was Easter break and he had invested a large part of the time in programming an overview page, that Ambrozy asked local newspapers whether his innovation might be of interest to a larger target group. When a journalist reported to the “Esslinger Zeitung”, the ball got rolling. “Even my father only really became aware of what I was doing through the newspaper article.” So many media reported that Ambrozy at some point canceled TV interviews in principle. “I also had to go to school. There were also so many hacker attacks to fend off that I sometimes had to interrupt interviews to take care of the site, ”he says.

Making money wasn’t his goal. He had set up a donation button because the hosting costs quickly ran into four-digit amounts. “I had to switch providers several times to cope with the onslaught. The pocket money was no longer enough. ”In the meantime, the front page has been deactivated, but it continues to run in the background. “I’m letting it go because someone else is trying to sneak donations under the exact same name. I want to prevent that. “

Read the whole interview here:

Mr. Ambrozy, do you remember what you wanted to be when you were little?
Since I am still “small”, I can answer that from my current perspective: I would like to study computer science later with a focus on application and AI.

How do you measure your success? Does money matter or are there other factors?
My projects are about covering the costs and not really making a profit. Since I only do everything as a hobby, having fun is the biggest factor in my motivation.

Are there character traits that are essential for a leader?
I cannot currently assess that as I have only had one mini job so far. It is only important to me that you can have a good conversation with her.

Please complete the sentence: In conflict situations am I …?
… not yet professionally.

What were your three most important (work) results over the past three years?
First: The publication of the vaccination schedule. Second, buying Minecraft, because that’s how I learned Java.

Over the next three years: What do you want to learn that you can’t today?
I want to study for high school first. And I want to learn to create and understand AIs.

What is your long-term goal or your vision?
So far, my goal has been to get to university. I can’t look further ahead yet, as a lot of things come about by chance.

If I asked your friends, what alternative career options would they suggest for you?
My friends would say something about computer science or marketing.

Mr. Ambrozy, thank you very much for the interview.