Fun Facts About British Shorthairs

Without a doubt, cats are one of the most loved pets. Each of them has its own warming features, but the place of the British Shorthair breed is different for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at some interesting information about British Shorthair cats, which have an extremely cute face despite their long fluffy hair and strong structure, that even their owners do not know.

First of all, if you want to keep an animal in your home, instead of trading this business and paying money to the people who make animals suffer and buying a special species, adopt one of the animals that really need help on the street and in the shelters. British Shorthair cats are undoubtedly one of the most loved cats in the world. Along with his long fluffy hair and strong build, his cute face has even made him the subject of some memes from time to time.

The British Shorthair is one of the cat breeds that has lived with humans for many years. They like to play but do not need constant attention like other cat breeds, which often causes us to see them sluggishly sleeping in a corner. Of course, it is extremely important for their health not to lay them too much and to keep them moving a little. Bride About British Shorthair cats Let’s take a closer look at some of the interesting little-known facts.

Interesting facts about British Shorthair cats:

British Shorthair cats come in many different colors:

When talking about British Shorthair cats, the first thing that comes to mind is their blue gray fur. However This color of British Shorthair cats is unique to only one variation. There are many British Shorthairs with fur in shades of white, black, gray and red. Some may even be tortoiseshell-colored and classic tabby-colored. As such variations with different colors mate, we can come across a British Shorthair of almost any color.

It is thought to be one of the oldest known cat breeds:

British Shorthair

Cats have been one of people’s best friends for many years. The British Shorthair is one of the oldest breeds of cats. Today’s species It is thought to have come from cats in ancient Roman times. When Great Britain was occupied by the Romans in 43 AD, they took many cats with them to keep rodents away. These cats, which multiplied over time by mating with local species in Europe, are the ancestors of the British Shorthair cats we know today. Due to their hunting instincts, these cats were quite popular.

A book has been written about the British Shorthair:

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair has always been one of the most loved cat breeds in the Great Britain region. A British artist named Harrison Weir was really in love with these cats. In 1817, he made the world’s first cat show in London and brought many species to the stage together with the British Shorthair. certainly The best of the show was the British Shorthair. Harrison Weir, who loved cats enough to found the National Cat Club in 1887, announced his love for the British Shorthair to the whole world by writing a book called Our Cats and All About Them in 1889.

The British Shorthair breed almost went extinct:

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair has once lost its title as Great Britain’s favorite cat. In the 20th century when longhaired breeds began to gain popularity as British house cats The number of British Shorthair owners and naturally cats has decreased. Since it is a special species, it did not attract attention and its production came to a halt. Of course, the first and second world wars also had a very negative effect. Fortunately, the British Shorthair lovers did not let them disappear even in the most difficult conditions, as they loved them wholeheartedly, and they kept them alive until today.

The risks of being obese are quite high:

British Shorthair

British Shorthair cats have a round face and round body lines. Since their hair is also thick, they always look a little bulky anyway. However, if they gain weight, the subject is out of cuteness and becomes life-threatening. Males should weigh 4 – 7 kilograms, females 3-5 kilograms. Species that exceed this weight due to overfeeding and inactivity are considered obese. An obese British Shorthair becomes prone to health problems, which can be fatal. If you are keeping a British Shorthair, you can get detailed information from your veterinarian.

The British Shorthair inspired the book Alice in Wonderland:

British Shorthair

You must have heard, read or watched one of the adaptation films of Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll and published in 1865. Throughout this story, Alice meets many different creatures. The Cheshire cat is one of them. When you look at this character, which draws attention with its mystical and humorous nature, with a receptive eye. You will see how similar it is to a British Shorthair cat. Although not certain, many literary historians agree that the Cheshire cat was inspired by the British Shorthair breed.

The British Shorthair comes across as a meme:

British Shorthair

The internet was not that widespread in 2007, but there were many bloggers and their actions could take the internet world by storm in a short time. One of them, I Can Has Cheezburger? along with the text breast on which a British Shorthair cat appears, It was very popular at that time. The original meme was bought for $2 million. Although not many people remember it today, this breast with a British Shorthair cat raged around at that time.

The record for the loudest purr in the world belongs to a British Shorthair cat:

Their own hum can be therapeutic at times, but the loudest hum in the world isn’t exactly comforting. A British Shorthair cat named Smokey, which participated in a competition held in 2011, It broke the record with a full 67.7 decibel hum. He unfortunately died in 2014. There is another cat that has the loudest purr in the world today, even though its old record is in the Guinness Book of Records. Merlin stripped Smokey of the title with his 67.8 decibel purr.

There is a British Shorthair cat in the news:

British Shorthair

There was a kidnapping incident in Russia in 2015. an eastern european gang, Kidnapping a British Shorthair cat named Maggie demanded a ransom of 6700 dollars from the owners. The family paid the ransom and their cats were safely reunited. After this incident, Maggie suddenly became famous. She took part in photo shoots and television shows. She earned more than $2700 from her work.

British Shorthair is referred to as teddy bear:

British Shorthair

Let’s face it, British Shorthair cats really do look like toys. With their flawless plumage, round bodies and round faces British Shorthair that looks just as cute as a toy Another reason why cats of the breed are called teddy bears is their personality traits. They are called by this name because they are very good with children and other animals.

One of the cutest cat breeds in the world. About British Shorthair cats We got to know these cute creatures better by talking about interesting little-known facts. You can share your thoughts about British Shorthair cats in the comments.

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