FTX’s Number of Customers by Country Has Been Announced!: Turks Are First Among Employees in the Stock Exchange

Customer distributions were included in the hearing presentation of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The Cayman Islands had the highest share of the company’s customers with 22%.

in Delaware court 22 November In the presentation used at the hearing held on of 20 It turned out that he had customers from different countries. The fact that the company has such a wide range of customers makes users on social media. surprised.

The vast majority of the company’s customer bases Cayman Islands creating the Virgin Islands %11th with second place. U.S. customers only account for the company’s total customers. 2% of appeared to be formed. China, which has come to the fore with its harsh attitudes towards cryptocurrencies, is one of FTX customers. 8% of forming.

According to the data, the largest mass of company employees 158 employees and US citizens were seen. Second 84 Coming to the Bahamas with the employee, Turkey 29 Cyprus is in the 4th place with employees. 21 comes in 5th place with the employee. The company’s total 520 has employees.

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