FTX Still Has $1.24 Billion Cash Reserves

According to court documents, bankrupt FTX has a total of $1.2 billion in cash reserves in the corporate treasury.

In documents filed with the Delaware court on Nov. 19, the balance sheet of FTX and its affiliates totals 1.2 billion dollars in cash, the stock market’s 50 largest creditors in total 3.1 billion dollar debt.

According to information released by the company’s financial advisor, Alvarez & Marsal North America, FTX’s cash assets $751 million indebted institutions, the remaining $488 million in non-indebted institutions. On the other hand, assets $514 million while in free cash status $465 million is in the status of limited use. Also in escrow 260 million dollars additional cash is being held.

Among institutions Alameda Research $393 million While it stands out as the company with the highest cash in its reserves, the subsidiary with the highest cash in FTX with 171 million dollars FTX became Japan. In addition, FTX Japan will process withdrawals by the end of the year. to reactivate is thinking.

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