FTX Makes it Official: Has $5.5 Billion Liquid Assets

The restructuring team of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX announced that they have 5.5 billion liquid assets.

In a press release, FTX released on January 17, bankruptcy from making an application As a result of the studies carried out since 5.5 billion It was stated that assets worth USD were detected. between the unsecured creditors committee and FTX officials. at the meeting At the time of the information provided, FTX and its affiliates are still serious a asset deficit noted that there is

Authorities in total 1.7 billion dollar worth of digital assets in hot wallets is hiding, 1.1 billion dollar worth of assets BitGo’s cold wallet stated that its services were maintained. Moreover 426 million dollar worth of digital assets Bahamas controlled held and FTX Japan within the 140 million dollars Added that there are more assets worth. In the company presentation, 415 million dollar worth of crypto assets cyber attack He also noted that it was lost due to

On the other hand, it is maintained by Bahamian authorities. 426 million USD worth of crypto assets, as well as the total of the company’s 253 million worth a dollar 36 properties was among the statements of the company.

CEO of FTX John Raygreat deal on the subject resolution and meticulously working and even to provide this preliminary information big a effort underlined that it was spent. Ray, this information has not yet been preliminary information coverage and changing over time. can be updated also noticed.

The company said in its statement to the Delaware court at the hearing in January that approximately 5 billion worth a dollar liquid for the asset 8.8 billion up to dollars to liability He said they could have it.

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