FTX Hackers Sell Their BNBs: Market Reaction!

It is reflected in the on-chain data that FTX hackers sold the BNBs they stole in the last minutes. It is estimated that the market has also decreased for this reason.

After the sales, it was seen that BNB experienced a pullback of about 2 percent, while Bitcoin also moved in a bearish direction.

Hackers Stole 21,155 Ethereum (ETH) From FTX Main Account

Also revealing Cryptocurrency vulnerabilities PeckShieldAlert, FTX Account Drainer revealed that the wallet address of the FTX hacker, named as the FTX hacker, received a large amount of Ethereum (ETH) from the other three addresses involved in the hack.

According to PeckShieldAlert, accounts 2, 5 and 6 transferred 21,155 ETH to the main account FTX Account Drainer.

The wallet address of the hacker who made the attack currently holds a total of 179,668 ETH worth approximately $227.5 million.

Other crypto assets on the address include $85.9 million worth of stablecoins, 145,000 SOL ($2 million), 148k BNB ($41.7 million), 10,000 PAXG ($17.8 million), and 30.9 million USDT blacklisted by Tether.

What Happened?

After the collapse of FTX, an attacker FTX and FTX.USHe had emptied some of his wallets.

The exchange’s Telegram manager confirmed the development and asked users not to access FTX websites to avoid downloading malware on their devices.

Unfortunately, it was too late when some users realized that their account on the platform had been drained.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Krakenshared interesting information about the identity of one of the FTX hackers.

Kraken Chief Security Officer Nick Percoco said in a tweet over the weekend that the exchange knew the identity of the address linked to the attack.

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