FTX Frustrated: CFTC Withdraws File After Bankruptcy

After filing for bankruptcy, FTX withdrew its application to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to provide comprehensive trading services.

FTX filing for bankruptcy to introduce a new structure for trading derivatives to CFTC withdrew his application. The application would allow FTX to serve as a derivatives clearing house while allowing direct margin trading.

Futures exchange regulated in line with the agreement, the details of which were discussed in the past months and collected investments LedgerX, FTX US Derivatives was named. The capital raised in this context would be spent on bringing together more organizations under the FTX umbrella.

The deal fell through after FTX’s collapse and filing for bankruptcy. The CFTC said it watched FTX’s sudden collapse and Securities and Exchange Commission (SECIt was reported that the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice are conducting an investigation.

It’s not just the CFTC that went into deal cancellation with the FTX collapse. After the news of the bankruptcy spread Visa, Miami heat Big companies such as FTX severed their ties.

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