FTX Founder’s Mysterious Tweets Clarified: What He Revealed

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder of crypto money exchange FTX, which announced its bankruptcy, made statements after his mysterious shares. The founder reiterated his claims that company assets could meet his obligations.

Bankman-Fried made a mysterious statement on his official social media account. shares clarified. Founder, 14 November started on and by November 15 after the posts consisting of singular letters that he continued until 16 November He reiterated his arguments on the company’s assets and liabilities.

The founder stated in his posts that his customers are his top priority and that he is talking to the regulators. Until a few weeks ago, FTX’s daily 10 billion dollars SBF, who said that it realized a volume above from too much leverage originating and sudden exit movements consuming liquidity expressed.

SBF ultimately on balance sheet 8 billion dollars that it is open to semi-liquid assets $5.5 billion value of illiquid assets 3.5 billion dollars claimed it was worth it. However 9 billion dollars value of illiquid assets, worth 9 billion not equal to liquid assets he accepted. In addition, about 1 month ago, the balance sheet $10 billion plus noted that.

SBF after bankruptcy in mysterious posts found on it by many, new speculation had revealed. One of them was that while he was deleting his posts that were proof of the past on social media, he made these posts to manipulate algorithms, but this was done by another user. the claim was refuted.

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