FTX Creditors Announced: Here’s the Complete List Including Apple and Google!

While the full list of creditors owed by the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX was published, it was noteworthy that Apple, Netfilix and Amazon were giant companies on the list.

FTX attorneys filed the company’s full list of creditors with the bankruptcy court on January 25. In this list of 115 pages The names of the leading companies in the sector did not go unnoticed. on the list Airlines, hotels, no institutions, banks, risk capital firms, media organizations took place.

While only the names of the creditor companies were included in this list submitted to the court, details of the amount to be received by each institution were not included. In previous applications filed by FTX’s lawyers in November, the exchange’s may have more than one million creditors was predicted.

Prominent among creditors Web3 companies coinbase, Galaxy digital, Yuga Labs, Circle, Bittrex, sky Mavis, chainalysis, Messari and Binance while apple, Netflix, Amazon, Meta, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and twitter Tech giants such as Besides these private companies US state agency tax offices, Japan, Australia and hong in Kong other state institutions are also among the creditors.

On the other hand, the list presented in court also revealed FTX’s luxury spending. Company in North America and Australia Uber eats and doordash popular accommodation application Airbnb‘ and many luxury hotels.

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