FTX CEO’s Personal Wealth Drops 94 Percent! Not a Billionaire Anymore!

Recently Binance-FTX It turned out that FTX was experiencing liquidity problems after the events between.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange CZ, CEO of Binance announced that they will acquire FTX.

Before FTX is sold and the exchange’s native token FTT Sam Bankman Fried, founder and CEO of FTX, was among the few billionaires in the cryptocurrency space before it crashed.

However, due to the decline of FTX stock and FTT, SBF was thought to have a fortune of about $ 15.2 billion a day ago.

However, after the approximately 70% decline in FTX shares and FTT, SBF’s fortune fell below $ 1 billion.

Bloomberg Billionaire IndexAccording to FTX CEO, he lost an estimated $14.6 billion, or about 94% of his total personal wealth.

30-year-old SBF, known as the “genius child of crypto” in the crypto industry, lost his “billionaire” title by being affected by the sharp drops.

After SBF’s big fall, his fortune fell to $ 991.5 million.

Binance CEO CZ, made a statement yesterday that he asked for help from FTX after the liquidity problems and FTXannounced that they have signed a tentative agreement to acquire the

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