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The Tie, a leading B2B focused analytics platform and information service for digital assets, has shared a unique document. In a spreadsheet, he posted 118 tweets that were deleted from the Twitter account of Sam-Bankman Fried (SBF), CEO of the crashed FTX platform. Most of the indexed posts are retweets deleted by their original authors, not SBF’s. That said, this spreadsheet tells a lot about what FTX has been up to over the past 12 months. Because ATLAS, RAY, SRM etc. It also deletes incentive tweets about tokens.

The Tie archives tweets from former FTX CEO SBF

Tie experts admitted that the database is not full. It was downloading data from SBF’s account every 15 minutes. Because of this, it was unable to index every single tweet that was deleted less than 15 minutes after it was posted.

Most of the retweets were actually written by various authors and then deleted. However, many of the authors Bankman-Fried retweeted are affiliated with Alameda Research. This data therefore highlights some key parts of FTX/Alameda businesses whose leaders want crypto users to forget.

SBF, ATLAS, RAY etc. deletes the tweets he mentions

For example, the now-deleted tweets promoting Solana-based protocols described enormous earnings opportunities. On March 30, 2021, SBF retweeted a statement about earning 4,000% APY in the Radium Protocol pool. While we cannot currently check the actual APY this pool offers, its underlying asset COPE has lost 99.69% of its value since the first quarter of 2022. Also, Raydium’s RAY fell over 98%. SBF has repeatedly promoted the COPE token.

In April 2021, the FTX CEO promoted MAPS, another Solana ecosystem asset and part of Alameda’s portfolio, alongside the Solana-based DEX Serum and token SRM. Both SRM and MAPS have lost 96-97% in the last 12 months. In September 2021, SBF retweeted a message that scolded FTX rivals Coinbase and Gemini for its high latency.

He also mentioned Star Atlas (ATLAS) metaverse and management token Star Atlas DAO (POLIS). The platform held a token sale on FTX. Needless to say, both are changing hands below 99% of their ATH. They are also on the verge of leaving the top 1,000 of CoinMarketCap. There is some irony in SBF retweeting a statement about the ‘value’ of tokens:

Stocks are not ponzi because they provide cash flow. Okay, but tokens also provide cash flow. Yes, but it’s all cyclical.

Used to promote FTX, now they regret it

It’s no surprise that the lion’s share of deleted tweets was intended to highlight partnerships with sports and media celebrities. Almost 15% of the 118 deleted tweets were retweets of statements from NFL legend Tom Brady, FTX’s most active cheerleader, and his wife, legendary Brazilian model, Gisele Bündchen. ‘Last Chance U: Basketball’ star Deshaun Highler, the shooting guard of the Sacramento State Hornets of the NCAA, deleted a congratulatory tweet retweeted by the SBF about the collaboration with FTX.


In another now-deleted tweet, American football player Aaron Jones, who ran for the National Football League’s (NFL) Green Bay Packers, expressed his excitement to join FTX as an ‘investor and ambassador’. He also said that this is the ‘best and safest’ method of buying and selling crypto. Meanwhile, the exact details of the deals between FTX and the former cheerleaders were never disclosed.

Important tweet deleted by SBF: Assets are fine

But of all the tweets it deleted, the weirdest is the SBF’s own statements on November 7, 2022. cryptocoin.comAs you follow, SBF first assured its followers that ‘FTX is in good standing’. He also said that customers’ assets are also safe. He then claimed that all FTX investors and traders have nothing to worry about as the balance structure is healthy:

FTX has enough money to cover all client assets. We do not invest in client assets (even in treasuries). We have processed and will continue to process all withdrawals.

SBF also tagged Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. He invited him to ‘work together’ for the good of the entire ecosystem. A few hours later, the CEO of FTX semi-ironically retweeted the influencer. In this context, it requested an airdrop because it “does not carry money in FTX”.

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