FSV Mainz in the individual review: 9 times grade 2 for victory in Hoffenheim – Bundesliga

2-0 in Hoffenheim, second win in a row – already the third from the first four games of the season: Mainz 05 starts again, looks just as stable and strong as in the miracle rescue with 32 points in the second half – and now has with nine points already two more than after the entire first half of the previous season! Constance was the topic before the game in Kraichgau: Coach Bo Svensson (42) looked annoyed by the up and down train performances (strong 1-0 against Leipzig, weak 0-2 in Bochum, great 3-0 against Fürth) his Teams in the first three games. That doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore: Mainz 94 minutes of high concentration, successful in the end – and the bottom line is the well-deserved winner. BILD draws the grade 2 for the sky-highers from the Rhine 9 times!

The individual player review:

Robin Zentner: Not under constant fire, but still very important. With the few chances of the hosts absolutely sovereign. Very secure support – Note 3

Silvan Widmer: In his fourth Bundesliga appearance he plays like he’s been playing for 05 for ages. Defensively a bank, plus effective offensive actions – Note 3

Jeremiah St. Juste: So strong, the Dutchman will quickly come into the focus of the top clubs again. With 33.17 km / h the fastest on the field again – Grade 2

Stefan Bell: Applause! Applause! Applause! Organizes the 05 cover and clears everything that comes through to the last row. The best Bell of all time in this form – Grade 2

Moussa Niakhaté (up to 33.): Starts very strong, both defensively and offensively. Bad luck that he has to get out with muscle problems before the break – Note 3

Anderson Lucoqui: Looks safer from game to game. With 11.2 kilometers the best-running 05er. In this form, it makes you forget the Mwene finish quickly – Note 3

Leandro Barreiro (up to 75th): The sixes are the key to Mainz’s success. Barreiro destroys Hoffenheim’s attack ideas and keeps getting involved in the front – Grade 2

Dominik Kohr: – A very strong performance both defensively and offensively. Decisive his ball win and the great pass into the top to Burkardt before the 1-0 – Grade 2

Jean-Paul Boëtius (up to 75th): The Dutchman is the linchpin in the midfield. Wins 86% of his tackles, three quarters of his 20 passes arrive – Grade 2

Jonathan Burkardt (up to 75th): This time not only a strong preparer, but also a clipper. Strong and ice cold, how he uses the first chance to 1-0 from the spin – Grade 2

Karim Onisiwo (up to 60th): For Szalai in the starting XI because he is the better starter. Wins most of all Mainz with 13 duels. Strong game of Ösi – Note 3

The substitutes:

Alexander Hack (from 33.): Comes in cold early, does his job with absolute confidence and forget the weak performances in Bochum and at the KSC test – Note 3

Adam Szalai (from 60.): After the corona mess against his ex-club, only substituted on. Not as spectacular as the other jokers, but no less important – Note 3

Jae-sung Lee (from 75th): An important stabilizer in midfield for the final quarter of an hour. Has more to do with defense than forward play – Note 3

Anton Stach (from 75th): As in the cup, a sensational cold start. One minute after the substitution, he grabs the ball and serves Ingvartsen to make it 2-0 – Grade 2

Marcus Ingvartsen (75+): What a great debut for the Dane in the 05 jersey. Shoots his first goal for Mainz with the first ball contact after 78 seconds – Grade 2

The trainer:

Bo Svensson: The Dane is doing EVERYTHING right at the moment! After the test disappointment against second division Karlsruhe (0-0) brings his troops to the point exactly to Hoffenheim. It’s okay that he lets Onisiwo start because he is the first defender to disturb Hoffenheim. And then the hand with the substitutions: Joker Anton Stach prepares, Joker Markus Ingvartsein finally decides the game with the 2-0 – Grade 2