From 2024, 500,000 heat pumps will be installed each year

Habeck: Heating must not become a social issue

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck has promised state support for households to bid farewell to oil and gas heating. The heat issue should not become a social issue, said the Green politician on Tuesday at a meeting of the VKU municipal utility association in Berlin.

Habeck announced that the heating plans should be accompanied by a “major socio-political support measure” – as long as heat pumps are significantly more expensive than gas heating. Habeck spoke of public grants, at least for households that otherwise could not afford an exchange.

The minister defended the controversial plans to ban new gas and oil heating systems from 2024. New heating systems should then be operated with at least 65 percent renewable energies. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Construction are working on a corresponding draft law. The SPD, Greens and FDP had agreed in the coalition agreement that from 2025 every newly installed heating system should run on 65 percent renewable energy sources. A year ago, the coalition decided to bring this forward by a year.

Habeck said that 75 percent of the heating systems in Germany were still operated with natural gas and oil. “If we believe our Sunday speeches a bit, a bit, then it can’t stay that way,” said the minister with a view to climate goals. You have to have this debate now. In his opinion, there is no alternative but to make the decision this year on how the heating sector will also be decarbonized.

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