Frightening Warning About the Future From Bill Gates

Famous businessman Bill Gates gave a frightening warning about the future in his new statement. Gates explained that in the future, pathogens that can cause much more deadly and serious diseases than coronavirus can be seen.

Just like the current coronavirus epidemic who warned 6 years ago about a huge epidemic Bill Gates made a statement today that will make you feel even worse. As the Bill & Melinda Foundation announced its $150 million commitment to the Coalition for Outbreak Preparedness Innovations, Gates warned of future outbreaks stronger than the coronavirus.

Calling on governments to contribute billions of dollars to prepare for the next global pandemic, Gates, Omciron and Delta variants have been seen so far. some of the most contagious viruses declared that. But Gates, in the future, much higher death rates or he may have to face a pathogen that causes serious illness.

World’s priorities ‘weird’

Gates, in the continuation of his statements, said that the priorities of the world were ‘strange’. Stating that it is the duty of philanthropists and wealthy governments to address the issue of vaccine inequality, Gates said, “When we talk about spending billions of dollars to save… trillions of economic damage and tens of billions of livesIt’s a pretty good insurance policy.” used the phrases.


New Statement from Bill Gates on When the Epidemic Will End

Stating that the thing that causes the development of the vaccine today is the money at risk, Gates said, So there was a huge global benefit. We are all much smarter now and we need more capacity next time.” made a statement. Finally, he explained that innovations for a future epidemic could also eliminate current global health problems such as HIV and better tuberculosis and malaria vaccines.

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