Free Membership Beta Program from YouTube Music

YouTube Music has announced that it will launch a beta program called ‘Listening Room’. Those selected for the program will receive a free one-year YouTube Music membership and early access to new features. So what are the conditions for participation?

YouTube Music, which is also used in our country, is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. The platform, which wants to improve the user experience, has now announced that it will launch a brand new program. The program can be translated into Turkish as ‘The Listening Room’.Listening Room’ was given the name.

Listening Room, selected users will come to the application get early access to features and provide feedback It will help. These users will be able to access features and provide feedback to the YouTube team by joining a special group on Discord. platform, program Helping shape the future of YouTube Music It says it was started.

Users will also receive a free year of YouTube Music Premium membership

Another advantage provided for users who managed to participate in the beta program is free one year subscription to YouTube Music Premium. The conditions required for the program, which you can register via the form below, are as follows;

Conditions of participation in the program

  • love to listen to music
  • Using YouTube Music as primary music platform for one year (you may also use other platforms)
  • Provide regular feedback through conversations and polls on Discord
  • Not sharing any information (screenshots, conversations, features, etc.) with anyone outside the Discord group

If these conditions are met, it is stated that users can be selected for the Listening Room program. YouTube adds that not everyone who meets the requirements will be selected, only certain people can be included in the program. For next steps with accepted by company in February 2023 communication will be established. Let’s also add that we do not see any country restrictions on the form. In other words, participation from Turkey seems possible.

You can click here to apply for the program.

Certain questions must be answered for registration.

YouTube also poses a number of questions to those who want to participate in the program in the form. These questions are, how much music is listened to on music platforms, Which platform is used the most?This includes things like what platforms are paid for, how you describe yourself, and your favorite artists and genres of music.

There are also many additional questions such as which devices you listen to the music most, how often and from which channels you watch the short video format (such as Shorts, Reels), and your use of Discord. Also, under development not to share any features with others and YouTube Music not to use it as a primary application for the next year You have to accept too. After doing all these, you can apply for the program.


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