Fraud Investigation into Hodlnaut, Crypto Credit Platform Stopping Withdrawals

Singapore local police have launched an investigation against Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform Hodlnaut for fraud and cheating.

According to the news by local press Zao Bao, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform. Hodlnaut launched an investigation. In a press release issued by SPF on November 23, it was stated that the Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform and its executives will be investigated in detail for cheating and fraud crimes.

Hodlnaut on August 8 In its statement, due to “latest market conditions”, all stop withdrawals, token trading and deposits had explained. The platform stated that it has notified the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) of its intention to withdraw its license application. all borrowing and lending services He added to this statement that he will stop.

However, in the past few weeks FTX The bankruptcy event also affected Hodlnaut. In the statement made by the company, Hodlnaut, which is already experiencing liquidity problems, is in FTX. 13 million dollars It has been stated that he has no access to this money at the moment.

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